Add The Facebook Comment System To Your WordPress Site

Add The Facebook Comment System To Your WordPress Site


Facebook Comments are an excellent choice for your primary comment system, if you mainly use Facebook for your marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a simple, yet robust solution to engage your Facebook audios, then you have found the perfect Facebook Comments plugin.

Once a Facebook user lands on your web page, they will most likely already be logged into Facebook. Which in return, will give them the option to comment on your post or page without ever having to login to Facebook.. This makes it extremely convenient for the end-user, and will also help to engage your audios in social discussions right from your blog post.

Auto Posting to the end-users wall is also another fantastic feature to add to the list of viral commenting features. If a visitor posts on your blog post or web page, the comment will automatically be posted on their Facebook wall. At this point anyone of their friends can post to the discussion from the end-users Facebook wall. The comment will then be applied to your post.

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