Wolverine 3 Gets Official Title “Logan”

Wolverine 3 Gets Official Title “Logan”


With the third Wolverine film on the way, it was only a matter of time before the title was revealed. Hugh Jackman had the honor of revealing the title of his upcoming Wolverine movie to the world on 05-Oct-2016 Wednesday morning. The actor tweeted out a picture of the film’s poster and simply wrote in all-caps ‘LOGAN.’

Shortly after Hugh’s tweet, the film’s director, James Mangold, tweeted out the official poster for the movie, which features Wolverine’s hand, claws out, holding onto a child’s hand. James also tweeted the second page of the film’s screenplay to give fans a little sneak peek of what they can all expect in the upcoming movie.

While the one page teaser didn’t give TOO much away, The Wrap took it one step further by dishing some juicy details on ‘Logan.’ So, if you don’t want to learn ANYTHING else about the movie, you might want to close your ears for just a bit.

According to The Wrap, an insider revealed that the film takes place in the year 2024, and mutant births are on the decline and it’s all because of a government-type operation called ‘Transigen,’ which turns mutant children into killing machines. The insider revealed that the baby hand in the poster is of a young female mutant who Logan ends up mentoring.
As for the film’s main character, it is said that Logan will be much older in the film and that his abilities weren’t what they used to be. The same can also be said for Professor X, whose powers are unstable.

Are you excited for Logan? Do you think there will be any special appearances from other characters that were featured in previous X-Men films? Let me know in the comment section below! Clevver

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