Wolverine 3: Logan Villain REVEALED

Wolverine 3: Logan Villain REVEALED


The “Wolverine 3” villain has finally been revealed! Get the details on Logan’s upcoming nemesis…

Wolverine 3” aka “Logan” doesn’t hit theatres until March next year, but we’ve got new details about the movie’s main bad guy…

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You might recall that Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook was cast as the yet-to-be-revealed villain back in April, and now the official Instagram page for the film has finally identified his character as Donald Pierce.

In the comics, Donald Pierce is a cyborg who is linked to The Hellfire Club, described as a shadowy group of wealthy and powerful individuals who seek to gain power and influence across the world. Ummm…#illuminati, anyone? The Hellfire Club was featured in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, so it sounds like even though “Logan” is a continuation of the Wolverine franchise, it’s keeping it all in the family and borrowing some plot points from other X-Men films.

As for Wolverine’s main rival in the upcoming film, Donald Pierce’s ultimate bad-guy goal in the comics is to create an army of cyborgs, so it’s pretty safe to assume that Wolverine is going to have to face-off with all of that in the upcoming film.

Okay guys so now I wanna know what do you think of cyborg Donald Pierce as the Wolverine 3 villain? Are you super psyched to see the movie next year? Sound off in the comments and after that click right here to check out Sequels We Can’t Wait To see in 2017 on Listed. Clevver

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